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Wat doet Study Buddy nou eigenlijk met je?

“Wat doet Study Buddy nou eigenlijk met je?”

Deze vraag krijgen we geregeld van nieuwsgierige studenten. Wij antwoorden dan, beleefd als we zijn: “Probeer het zelf, je kan het risicoloos proberen met onze niet-goed-geld-terug garantie!” Maar dat is natuurlijk niet helemaal antwoord op de vraag. Bovendien zijn wij niet helemaal objectief, dus gingen we op zoek naar iemand anders die deze vraag kan beantwoorden. Wie kan dat beter dan een student die met Study Buddy gestudeerd heeft?
Dagelijks bellen we vele studenten en Ana Dimoska, een internationale student die op dit moment een pre-master volgt, neemt je mee in haar ervaringen. Wat deed Study Buddy met haar?

Ana: “I used Study Buddy on three occasions: Exams, Presentations and Research. I would qualify Study Buddy as a pill helping me focus on my tasks and concentrate easier comparing to engaging without it.”


“One of them was during studying for exams. As some of us block or panic. Study Buddy made this easier for me. There was no room for fear or defocus. Once I took it, my mind seemed to feel clearer. I was able to remember and understand the theory faster. I also took Study Buddy 40 min before my exams. It seemed to help me stay calm during my exams and enabled me to form my answers in a systematic manner. As a result, I passed all of my exams and I enjoyed that cold beer of satisfaction afterwards.”


“I am a very social person, but when it comes to presenting in front of a group I somehow express myself in a very indistinct structure. Reflection of this is the nervy feeling that’s killing me on the inside. So another experience I had with Study Buddy was during a preparation of a presentation. It helped me develop a systematic approach and insert everything I wanted to say in a logical structure. I also took Study Buddy 30 min before my presentation. I wasn’t nervous at all, I knew exactly what I was going to say, I had it all clear in my head and I was fully present. The presentation went really well!”


“I love doing research. But sometimes I just don’t have the temper for it. Reading and searching for the needed information can take much longer than expected. Several times when I have worked on research projects, Study Buddy has helped me focus and increased my motivation. I sometimes felt like I could take more work than I usually can.

To conclude, Study Buddy has most of the times filled the gaps for me rather it was focus, creativity, motivation, concentration or staying calm. “

Heb jij ook een goede (of slechte) ervaring met Study Buddy die je wil delen?
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